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19 Kids And Counting: Jill’s Gender Reveal And New Chores For Everyone

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Boy, has it been a big week in Duggar-land! First, news of Josh Duggar trying to forget that he didn’t pay his taxes for four years and then, Baby Dilly was finally born to proud new parents, Jill and Derick! Last night’s episodes only added to my Duggar joy as they were both full of vodka-spitting moments we can now treasure together. I will make haste as I recount every moment of the latest 19 Kids and Counting!

Jill and Derick are preparing for their big gender reveal ultrasound. She says she’s only 17 weeks and we find out later that it’s taking place at one of those recreational ultrasound facilities instead of an actual doctor’s office. I sort of figured as much when Jill announced she was taking her “buddy team” of siblings, James, Jenny and Joy Anna with her. No real ultrasound facility would allow that big of a crowd to witness the action.

Her and Derick have names picked out for both a boy and a girl. We already knew the boy’s name, as he was born this week — Israel David. It’s unique and I really like it. Had he been a girl, they were going to name her Selah, which I also think is quite lovely. It seems they aren’t eschewing 25 letters of the alphabet with their name choices. How very daring of them to think outside the Duggar box.

The “buddy team” is super excited to be a part of the big reveal and are helping to plan the party afterward where they tell the rest of the Duggar clan. At first, I thought the buddy team concept was lame — it depends on one older sibling basically caring for a troop of younger ones. However, in such a huge family, it might be nice to have a focus on a smaller group of siblings to get to know better and depend on. They all seem close and the kids are so happy for Jill and Derick. I’ll allow it.

Joy Anna talks about her excitement at seeing Jill’s ultrasound live and in person, something she says she’s only done for her mom. She talks about how “weird” it is that Jill is now married and pregnant so quickly. And now, Joy slides in to take Jinger’s place as the Normal Duggar. The one who realizes how off-kilter it is to go from a non-kissing virgin to pregnant in a matter of two weeks. Way to be, Joy.

Derick’s brother Dan is going to travel to Nebraska to surprise their mom, Cathy, with the news of Jill and Derick’s gender reveal. Now, at first, I thought this incredibly strange. Like he’s some kind of sentry. Why would Dan go to tell her instead of Jill and Derick being the ones? We then find out that she is all alone in Nebraska getting her cancer treatments, so a surprise visitor for any reason is pretty awesome. This poor woman breaks my heart every time we see her. She looks so sick and I’m sure she’s sad she can’t be with her son in what should be a happy time. Fuck cancer and my best wishes to Cathy.

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