Josh Duggar Owes $14K In Unpaid Taxes So Tell Us Again How The Duggars ‘Don’t Live Off The State’

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One of the go-to defenses of Duggar fans everywhere is about to be blown to bits as Josh Duggar is reported to owe $14,000 in back taxes. Jim Bob has always advocated owing no money to anyone but it looks like his paunchy progeny is not following in his father’s footsteps. Josh is hoping to run for political office someday, which could mean turning his family’s hateful views into law, so I will sit back and cackle that he has a little scandal tarnishing his previously squeaky-clean reputation.

According to Radar Online, the debt is an accumulation of unpaid taxes starting in 2009 and ending in 2012. Wow. To top it all off, it would appear that Josh lied and said it had been paid:

Even worse than their piling debt, the Jesus-loving, homosexual-hating Josh seems to have lied to fans about their unpaid taxes.

After In Touch reported earlier this week that the 19 Kids And Counting pair owed $3,746.20 to the state of Arkansas, Josh responded that the debt had been paid.

But the Washington County Circuit Court clerk tells Radar that the pair hasn’t paid off a penny.

How do you just not pay taxes? Particularly, when you’re in the public eye and your family is rolling in reality show and book deal money? I guess this just shows how truly stupid he is. And, how arrogant. Not to mention the fact that he and Anna are having their fourth child this year and the Duggars are happy to point out that they pay for everything themselves and owe no man anything. Well, Josh and Anna owe but they don’t pay. Interesting.

Maybe Josh should take a cue from dear old daddy Jim Bob who reportedly claims his house as a church so as to avoid paying taxes. Ugh, I can’t even with these people. The hypocrisy with their lifestyle is becoming more apparent all the time. They eschew television for their family yet, they’ve made their fortune by being on television. They are so “modest” they won’t even let the women wear pants but their births can be filmed for TLC in exchange for a tidy profit. Alright, then.

At the end of the day, I truly believe all of the Duggar children are victims of Jim Bob and Michelle’s rigid teachings and beliefs. Josh was told his whole life to “go forth and multiply” and to that end, he and Anna are on their fourth child in as many years amid what might be serious financial issues. I hope they’re able to get things straightened around with the IRS so they can move forward. No matter how vile I find him, I wouldn’t want his kids to pay for his lies and stupidity.

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