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19 Kids And Counting: A Very Duggar Football Game And A Jessa Retrospective

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Welcome, sports fans! Literally! Last night’s episode included a very special retrospective of the life of Jessa Duggar interspersed with very special moments from a Duggar family football game that was supposedly a bachelor/bachelorette party, but the girls all sat in the stands and watched while the men-folk did the fun stuff. Which is basically a metaphor for Duggar married life so, appropriate? Anyway, let’s dive right in to this week’s 19 Kids and Counting!

As per usual, we open with the retelling of how amazed Jim Bob and Michelle are that they are giving away another daughter and I’m always left wondering why. I mean, what else are they prepping these girls to do with their lives? Is it really shocking when they are leaving home and getting married in their early 20’s? This is what Duggar women are bred to do! Anyway, last night, they got poor Jana into the whole “new season of life” conversation with her also expressing her amazement at another sister escaping getting married and moving out. Now, Jana going to college and blowing off her Cinderella duties would be the REAL shocker.

Jessa and Ben are just *so* attached that the idea of separate bachelor/bachelorette festivities was vastly unappealing to them. They decided to do a big football game with everyone hanging out together. Silly me, I assumed that meant the girls would play too since it’s only flag, not tackle, but no. The girls just got to chat on the bleachers while the men played the foosball. Lame.

Most of this episode is dedicated to a look back at Jessa through the years. Mostly, we learn that she kicks butt at packing a suitcase which is fitting because she always looks like she can’t wait to get the frick out of the family compound. They talk about what a “handful” she was growing up, which I think is Jim Bob-speak for “having an opinion”. Jessa is obviously the family bad-ass and it was never more evident than last night where she unleashed some serious sarcasm, a language I don’t believe the other Duggar daughters have ever dabbled in. She talks about how “affectionate and loving” she is while rolling her eyes as they show her pushing a sibling down to the floor. Oh my God, I love this girl.

Jim Bob talks about “training” a strong-willed child and I basically spit vodka everywhere. I hate that term so very much in relation to kids and it’s one that keeps coming up with these people. You train a dog. You raise a child. Of course, I don’t want ill-behaved children but their compliance is not highest on my list of most important personality traits. Jim Bob gets so moony when he talks about Jill and what an easy and compliant baby she was. As sad as it makes me that Jessa married an unemployed teenage derp, I’m glad she got out of her father’s home. It is obvious that the best parts of her are not truly appreciated by her family and are instead seen as potential weaknesses. Yuck.

We got a fantastic montage of old-school Duggar footage before they discovered main-stream clothing and flat irons. I’m in love with the clumsily made matching dresses and gigantic bangs. I respect the old-school Duggars a lot more because they were living their truth. Now, they are a commercialized and hypocritical bunch of attention grabbers. I’m sure the Lord is proud. Anyway, Michelle blabbers about how Jessa’s big role with the little kids was tutoring them during their home-schooling sessions. Michelle talks about how her goal all along was to “work herself out of a job” by getting the older kids to teach the younger ones. At least she’s being real about it now. And also, probably panicking that all of her free help is moving out. Grow up faster, Joy Anna! Momma needs you!

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