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Top 50 Baby Name Choices For Josh And Anna Duggar

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josh and anna

Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting yet again (much to my dismay) and now that they are on baby number four, picking a name will be a bit harder. That is why I decided to be their helpmate (#4TheLord) and drum up a list of possibles for them to consider over the next seven months.

I feel like if Jim Bob and Michelle had this kind of naming assistance than maybe the world could have been spared the ridiculousness of Jinger and Johannah. Keep in mind that this particular Duggar family is being brought to you by the letter “M”, so my ideas were somewhat limited. I tried not to let it hold me back:

  1. Mason
  2. Macbook
  3. Madison
  4. M’Denim
  5. Mylanta
  6. Marvin the Martian
  7. McDonald
  8. Medicare
  9. Motrin
  10. MacGyver
  11. Minger
  12. Marshmallow (in honor of The Paunch)
  13. MyBaby
  14. Me’shell Ndegeocello
  15. Mesus
  16. ‘Murica
  17. Messiah
  18. MyGod
  19. Megatron
  20. Mischief
  21. Mary
  22. Mirena
  23. Muggar
  24. Minniemaus
  25. Mike Huckabee
  26. Melissa
  27. Muggle
  28. Madonna
  29. Metallica
  30. Megadeath
  31. Minstagram
  32. Martha Focker
  33. Meredith Bland
  34. Maury Josh Is Not The Father
  35. Maleficent
  36. Maria Guido
  37. Mistletoe
  38. Mystique
  39. Mommyish
  40. MegaMarshalls
  41. Mirk Cameron
  42. Megan Zander
  43. Mr. Magoo
  44. Muppet Baby
  45. Mufasa
  46. Mashed Potatoes
  47. Miley Cyrus
  48. Muhkayluh
  49. Michelle
  50. Mim Bob

I welcome any and all suggestions to add to this list. I feel like they will really need our help so they don’t end up with Michael II.

(Image: Anna Duggar Instagram)