Now You Can Eat Your Bestie’s Face With This Personalized Face Cookie Cutter

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This is so adorably morbid! If you’ve ever loved someone so much you could just eat their face, then this is the product for you. Etsy shop SpoiledKittyDesigns is selling a personalized face cookie cutter, so you can bake and eat the faces of the ones you love the most. Or bake and eat the faces of the ones you hate, we all have a few of those, too. Either way, we all need personalized face cookies. This much is obvious.

The personalized face cookie cutter can be yours for the low, low price of $20! That is a bargain.

The cookie cutters make great gifts for so many occasions. Birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, the possibilities are endless! All you have to do is submit a photograph, let them know what size you want, and voila! Edible faces. The cookies cutters are made of food-safe and biodegradable plastic, and are hand-washable. Don’t put it in the dishwasher, unless you want the face cookie cutter to resemble Sloth from Goonies.

I have so many ideas for using these. How cute would they be as a craft for your kid’s birthday party? You could have the kids make cookies, or just use the cutters with clay and Play Doh.

Obviously, the likeness isn’t going to be exact. And a lot of it will depend on your own decorating skills. Which, if I’m being honest, does not bode well for me. But if you’ve got a knack for royal icing, these are perfect! Can’t you just imagine sending a dozen face cookies to your long-distance bestie? If you can’t be there in real life, send the next best thing: your face on a cookie.

So head over to Etsy and order a few face cookie cutters. Pick your kids or friends or whatever. But also get one made of yourself, so you can troll your kids at school by sending your cookie face in their lunch bag. A mom’s work is never done!

(Image: iStock / filipefrazao)