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If You Need a Good Baby Shower Cake You Have to Get a Vagina Cake

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There are some trends that I won’t ever understand. It’s not for lack of wanting to, but really, there are somethings that just aren’t meant to be made sense of. One of those is a trend in baby showers that, to me, crosses the line from trend into like super gross. A lot of things about baby showers already confuse me enough, but this is next level. I’m talking baby shower cakes. Specifically a vagina cake. Yep. Two words I never thought would be put together were just put together.

And it’s a real thing. No lie. People have cakes made up to resemble the birthing process. Baby heads made up of cake parts coming out of lady parts also made of cake. If you’re not sure what I am talking about, I don’t blame you. Because who ever in their mind would have thought this was the real deal. Well, it is—and I’ve rounded up some of the most noteworthy cakes that you can find on the internet.

Because sharing is caring, here is what I’m talking about when I say vagina cake.

1. This one is special

Nothing quite like frosting that mimics everything that is going on, right?

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