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Mom Shamed in Viral Photo for Putting Baby on Airport Floor, Even Though She Did Nothing Wrong

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Being stuck at an airport for 20 hours with a two-month old baby sounds like an excruciating experience no parent should ever have to face. That happened to 29-year-old mother of three Molly Lensing, and then it got even worse when another passenger posted a photo of her to the Internet and she became a viral meme about the dangers of cell phone use and idiot parents, even though she hadn’t done anything wrong.

According to Today Parents, Lensing was stuck at a Colorado airport about a year ago. There was a complete shut down of Delta’s computers, and nobody could go anywhere. Lensing had been carrying two-month-old Anastasia around in a baby carrier in an airport for a whole day. She needed to sit down and rest, and the baby needed to stretch out. So Lensing laid a blanket on the floor of the terminal by her feet and put the baby on it so she could kick her feet and look around. Lensing was on her phone telling panicked family members where she and the baby were, what was going on, and why they weren’t home yet.

While she was doing that, however, a smug jerk spotted her, took a photo without her knowledge, and then posted it to his Facebook page to call her an idiot. People love making fun of “idiot mothers,” especially if the perceived transgression involves cell phones or social media. The photo started going viral, and it was shared by millions of people for nearly a year.

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