What Your Stroller Says About You

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moms with strollersWhen putting together a baby registry or buying items for your impending bundle of joy, deciding on what type of stroller to purchase is a big deal. Your stroller will likely be one of the baby items you use the most. Because it gets so much use, you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of stroller they own. Here’s what your stroller says about you.


1. You don’t own a stroller

You don’t want to push your baby away from you, thank you very much, she’s vastly more comfortable in her organic muslin 47 yards of fabric surrounding your body like a sweaty, but admittedly soft, cocoon. You proudly (and loudly) consider yourself to be an attachment parent, and Mayim Bialik is your personal hero, followed closely by Dr. Sears.

2.  You bought an umbrella stroller

While your dedication to minimalism is appreciated, umbrella strollers suck for babies and you may be underestimating how difficult this whole parenting thing can be. Sure, it’s light and small but umbrella strollers offer little to no shade and don’t recline for naps. Save it until she’s a toddler or old enough to take her dolls for a stroll.

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