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Everyone’s Favorite Black Sheep Duggar Is Making Out With Boys And Not Even Jim Bob Can Stop Her‏‏

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Somewhere right now, Jim Bob Duggar is having himself a sulk about a woman in his life that he cannot control. She wears pants, kisses boys before marriage and is in no hurry to become a Duggar Baby Machine. Not only can he not control her, she is telling the press all about it. It has to be driving him nuts and for this reason alone, we love her all the more. That woman is Amy Duggar, the coolest cousin in all of Arkansas. We can only hope that Jana and the other unmarried Duggar girls are paying attention so they can follow in her Independent Woman footsteps.

From Radar Online:

When the bubbly 28-year-old posted a photo of her and boyfriend Dillon King sharing a New Year’s Eve smooch earlier this year, Jim Bob, who forbids his own children from kissing before marriage, felt she had crossed the line.

“He said, ‘I saw ya’ll kissing!’ and gave me a look,” Amy, who identifies as Christian, exclusively tells RadarOnline.com.

First, it is important to note-this is not a “source”, this is Amy herself. Amy is actually in the press talking smack about her uncle Jim Bob. It gets better, check this out:

“I said, ‘Yeah but there’s plenty more that I can save up for the wedding night!’” she recalls. “Kissing is an adorable thing to do with someone you care about.”

Oh hell yes, she did. She went there. And I love it so dearly. Kissing is an adorable thing to do with someone you care about. It is so very normal-instinctual, even-to kiss someone you care about. What isn’t normal to most people is to only side-hug and hold hands with someone until the moment you are declared married where you then run off and do everything at once. Jim Bob has to know that his rigid views represent the minority and that what Amy is doing is normal and healthy to the rest of the world. And again, it gets even better:

“I kinda get under his skin, but he’s not going to control me, and I don’t think he wants to control me,” she explains. “He has no reigns over me. He doesn’t know what I’m going to do next.”

I am positively gleeful after reading that quote. She is the Duggar Wild Card, even more than wedding-cake-hating Jessa. I really do hope that her cousins trapped under the rule of The Boob are able to read this. He should not have control over any of them, particularly once they are legally adults. I love that Amy seems to feel no pressure to conform to his strict ideals for women. She closes out with one more amazing quote:

“I’m not going to change who I am to have a certain image,” she insists. “I’m the free spirit of the family. I’m not being rebellious; I love my family. I just have to be true to myself.”

She is right. She is not rebellious at all and if she were in my family, she would be considered an angel. She is living the way she wants to and not worrying about what her creepy uncle thinks of her sex life. And for that, I salute her.

(Image: Amy Duggar Instagram)