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21 Things Jinger Duggar Needs To Do Now That She’s 21

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Yesterday, Jinger Duggar turned 21. Yes, 21 on the 21st- her golden birthday! Happy Birthday to almost everyone’s favorite Duggar (sorry, mine is Joy Anna). Now that Jinger is 21, nothing will really change for her at home. She will still have chores. She will still be waiting around for a Jim Bob-approved husband. Basically, partying like it’s 1842. Because of this, I felt the need to come up with a “Jinger’s 21 Bucket List” of sorts. When I was 21, I had so many plans for my life and there was so much I wanted to do. I know Jinger isn’t in prison or anything but I think we can all agree that her options are somewhat…limited. Since she is the Duggar most would like to see escape the compound (#freejinger), I thought I would drum up some ideas of things Jinger Duggar needs to do now that she’s 21. I’m hoping she might end up reading it somehow during a few minutes of unmonitored internet use at Jessa’s house– she seems cool:

1. Move into an apartment with sinful cousin Amy Duggar and get her own reality show. Breaking Duggar has a nice ring to it.

2. Get a tattoo. I’m envisioning “Jesus Is My Homeboy” right across the top of her chest.

3. Confront her parents about her name. Demand to know what the hell is up.

4. Head down to the Social Security office to change it to Ginger. Or Jingle. Or whatever she wants.

5. Start Crossfit. She seems like a bit of a BAMF- this would suit her nicely.

6. Go to the mall. Buy All The Pants.

7. Get a cute pixie cut. Text picture of it to Jim Bob.

8. Take the Lord’s name in vain once. Just to see how it feels.

9. Join groups that support LGBTQ rights. Text pictures from rallies to Jim Bob.

10. Watch every season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

11. Listen to Serial– decide who’s guilty.

12. Kiss a boy. Or three.

13. Join a recreational volleyball team to work on her fitness. And also, to meet hot volleyball guys.

14. See a rated PG-13 movie.

15. Become addicted to Red Bull.

16. Watch a marathon of Sex Sent Me To The ER.

17. Get a nose piercing. Very artsy.

18. See Magic Mike XXL when it comes out.

19. Do a juice cleanse. All that tator-tot casserole has got to wreck havoc on the intestines.

20. Forget modesty for a little bit and get a massage. From a hot male masseuse.

21. Start a band. Be the drummer. Call it The Jinger Bells.

Photo: Jessa Seewald’s Instagram

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