There’s a Unicorn Island in the Philippines and I Want to Go to There

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Be right back, pricing flights to the Philippines for reasons. While we’re over here thinking we’re cool with our unicorn sprinklers and unicorn ice cream, the Philippines is out there putting our unicorn love to shame. I had no idea this even existed, but now that I do, I am eternally jealous. There’s an attraction in Subic Bay in the Zambale province in the Philippines called Inflatable Island. And they’ve just majorly upgraded the floating playground by adding Unicorn Island. And actual floating island of unicorn fun. Calgon, take me away.

Unicorn Island is the latest expansion on this amazing floating playground. The latest and best, obviously.

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I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT PLACE. It’s huge! An entire little island of inflatables. That big blue thing next to the rainbow walkway? That, my friends, is the Floating Cinema. The island is made up of 15 different fun zones, like slides and trampolines. The addition of Unicorn Island adds an additional six: Baba’s Super Slide, Slippery Slopes, the Rainbow Walk, Mini Jump and Fly, Climby the Seaunicorn, and the Wavy Dinosaur.

Climby the Seaunicorn! These names, they bring me such joy.

Inflatable Island opened last April, and it’s MASSIVE. It covers about 44,100 square feet just off the shore of the beach. The obstacles look fairly easy, but apparently, some of them are quite difficult! But the Unicorn Island addition looks slightly more user-friendly. Or at least doable after a couple of cocktails. Which you can sip in the Pink Bali Lounge on the beach in front of the island.

This place looks like a dream vacation. And aside from, you know, paying for airfare to the Philippines, it’s pretty cheap! One-hour passes will run you about $9.50, and a full day of fun on Unicorn Island is only about $17. So if you’re looking for a family vacation spot or maybe just a trip with your friends, keep this place in mind. And also take me with you?

(Image: Instagram / @inflatableisland)