Joy-Anna Duggar’s Latest Selfie Has Fans Questioning Her Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a really fun time in people’s lives because there is so much joy surrounding the new life that will enter the world and the family who is growing and changing. When it comes to celebrities, that excitement seems to go up with all eyes on their growing belly. There are some reality TV stars that always drive more speculation and questioning than others and Joy-Anna Duggar, one of the daughters of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. The star got married earlier this year and quickly announced that they’re expecting a baby, but it all raised questions.

And the 20-year-old soon to be mom of one posted a photo on Instagram earlier this month and well, it didn’t help all the speculation and theories that are going around about her pregnancy.

Since Joy-Anna Duggar got married and then announced her pregnancy, theories have been running wild about the timing of all this.

Some people are speculating that Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, completely broke a Duggar rule and were intimate before they got married, which then lead to pregnancy. Probably not really what happened, but people are running with that theory and it’s causing a whole lot of speculations, questions, and unnecessary comments left on their social media posts.

The latest came three days ago when Joy-Anna Duggar posted a selfie of her and Austin in a small plane. The caption was generic as generic could be, but people still took the opportunity to over analyze and basically read into it all weird.

The caption reads: “Heading down to Mississippi for a wedding!✈️??”

Austin, who has his pilot’s license, and Joy-Anna were just smiling away with a dude from Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Christian Retreat Center sitting in the back. You can’t really see anything there other than people who seem pretty happy about being in the air (or about to head into the air?) and not much other than that. But, people love to read into things super deeply and that’s what people did here.

“Joy doesn’t even look pregnant in this pic,” one comment read which leaves me wondering WTF does a face look like when it’s pregnant? You can’t see anything… This comment reads that the person who made it believes in the theory that Joy-Anna Duggar has already had her baby. When someone asked why there was no “bump shot” another person replied: “because she already had it.”

Then she got shamed because you know… people know so much about pregnancy.

“Shouldn’t be flying so late in your pregnancy,” another comment rolled in saying.

Chances are Joy-Anna Duggar is still pregnant and we will be seeing the birth announcement sometime in February.

What do you think about this? Are people going way over the top with their pregnancy theories? Let us know in the comments!

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(Image: Instagram / @austinandjoyforsyth)