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Josh And Anna Duggar Reveal Sex Of Their 4th Baby, And It’s Not What We Were Hoping For

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We have news from the Duggar front and you guys, it’s bumming me out. We all know that Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their fourth child and this morning, they announced the sex of their newest addition. I have to admit, I was hoping for the opposite. Drum roll, please.

It’s a girl.

I’m glad to hear it’s a healthy little one, truly. I’m not a monster, I am happy for them since obviously, they are happy to have another baby. And it’s sweet that Mackynzie is getting a little sister, but to me, this just means one more girl to cover in denim and fully control. One more girl to sit patiently waiting for her father to help select her husband. One more girl to have scant career and educational opportunities. One more girl to be “submissive” to her husband someday and center her life around only him and procreating. I can’t get too excited knowing how limited this little girl’s life will be if she obeys her parents.

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I know the boys don’t have it much better but at least they are afforded many freedoms the girls are not. Namely, the chance to have a career even after they have a child. Jill is pregnant now and to my knowledge, no longer trains to be a mid-wife. This is unfortunate because in the episodes I saw, she seemed very passionate about it. It’s sad to see potential stifled because of the rigid belief system they adhere to. It seems a waste. Being a wife and mother is wonderful if that’s what they want, but I think we all know they don’t really have a choice in the matter.

I also need to mention that I think this is getting a bit silly, the whole revealing the baby’s sex in this manner, as a spectacle. With more and more Duggars getting married, won’t these “reveals” become old news pretty quickly? As much as I admit it fascinates me, I can’t imagine it will keep being so interesting as time goes on. A family famous pretty much solely for their ability to procreate is going to lose steam eventually with the viewing public. For now, it is novel. On grand-baby number 16, I doubt it will be anymore. I will be entertained for the moment, but I wouldn’t expect them to remain famous just for having a ton of kids for very long. Hopefully, that is when the tell-all book we are all praying for will come out. Come on, Jana. We are all rooting for you!

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