Hillary Clinton, Cardi B, Snoop, and More Read Excerpts from ‘Fire and Fury’ in Hilarious Grammys Skit

Politics and social justice seem to have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives over the past year, and last night at the Grammys, it was no different. Stars wore white roses in support of Time’s Up, speeches touched on the precarious political position we find ourselves in, and of course, there was the music. But one skit in particular has everyone talking this morning. Host James Corden held an “audition” for consideration for best spoken word album, and several stars read excerpts from “Fire and Fury”, the book by Michael Wolff that has Trump’s under-roos in a bunch. The kicker was when Hillary Clinton came onscreen. People LOST it.

The skit shows stars like Cher, Snoop, Cardi B, and John Legend reading salacious excerpts from the juicy tell-all.

Cardi B reading from the book is quite honestly my new favorite thing. Her little trill? Killed me dead. I can’t imagine how hard it was for everyone to read it with a straight face. Like, this is a book about the toddler in the White House! I also very much enjoyed the cloud of smoke floating over Snoop’s head during his “audition”. You do you, Snoop.

The skit had plenty of star power. But it was Hillary Clinton who brought the house down. All that was missing was her shoulder shimmy.

You KNEW people were going to lose their shit (and they did). And you knew appearing in the video would make Hillary Clinton a target of haters, once again. But it’s not like they ever stop tearing her down, so she might as well have a little fun at that dummy’s expense. She’s a goddamn private citizen now, she can do whatever the hell she damn well pleases.

Viewers were generally pretty pleased with the skit. And for good reason: it was funny! But of course, there’s always that one person. Today, that person is Nikki Haley.

Oh, Nikki. Have you … have you listened to any music in the past year? Is there actually music out there right now that ISN’T political? Listen, I would also love to have at least one thing that isn’t mired in the doom and gloom political landscape we live in currently. It would be nice to not pop Zantac like Tic-Tacs everyday! But maybe take your gripes up with the guy responsible for the “trash” you speak of. I think he’s your boss.


You can watch the full skit above for a little mid-day giggle if you missed it last night!

(Image: YouTube/JumpmanGerm)

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