11-Year-Old Boy Busts Parents For Pot Possession

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Kids can be a such a buzz-kill. Like when you’re trying to spark up a doobie in your living room and your child is all, “Mom, stop smoking pot in the house this instant!” That’s probably what’s going through Heidi Christine Siebenaler‘s mind right now. The Minnesota mom’s 11-year-old son snapped a photo of her giant marijuana stash, forwarded it to his dad (the couple is divorced), who then turned it over to police.

Did we mention that Siebenaler works as a probation officer? (Oh, the irony!)

According to ABC News, the unnamed boy confronted his mother about strong smell of marijuana, which he told police was so pungent he “was unable to escape [it] without going outside.” Police searched the house – the boy lives with his mom and stepfather Mark Siebenaler – and found eight pounds of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as a digital scale.

Mark is being charged with possession and intent to distribute marijuana – he claims he smokes it for medicinal purposes to deal with a brain injury he suffered in his 20s – while Heidi is being charged with fifth-degree possession. Yikes!

So here’s the thing: tons of smart, educated, competent parents smoke pot. Tons! Of course, the smart parents are the ones who keep it quiet from their children, who hide away their stash and enjoy the odd joint when their kids are nowhere in sight (duh). Things start getting complicated when you make your own child sick from the smell. Not cool.

Also, the bottom line is that marijuana is illegal. So whether you’re a parent who indulges or not, you need to know that possessing vast amount of the drugs is not a good thing when it comes to setting an example for your children. Especially when dealing with an 11-year-old.

To me, this isn’t even a question of whether or not parents have a right to smoke pot – that’s a debate unto itself – it’s more about the Siebenalers being totally irresponsible. They have a duty to protect their 11-year-old, to keep him safe. That includes not dealing drugs – if that, in fact, ends up being the case – and not leaving two pounds of the stuff out on the family-room coffee table (or wherever he happened to stumble across it). I mean, really, people – think!

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