Oscars Red Carpet: The Kids From Modern Family Take Over

Wow. The kids from Modern Family are having quite an awards season. First, they give the acceptance speech for their ensemble cast at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Now, Sarah Hyland and Rico Rodriguez are taking over the pre-awards show red carpets for the Academy Awards.

Hyland made her Oscar appearance with the E! network, sitting in with the fashion police panel of Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. The 21 year old actress plays Haley Dunphy on the incredibly funny Modern Family. Though Hyland’s fashion bonafides are a little confusing, the young actress seemed likable enough discussing designer gowns.

She did demonstrate that she was the rookie on the panel, by forgetting that Kristen Wiig was nominated for a writing award, even if she didn’t get an acting nod for her work in Bridesmaids.

Over at ABC’s official Red Carpet pre-show, Rico Rodriguez followed up the “mominees segment” with his own mother-son spot. The pre-taped sketch showed the young actor and his mom attempting to see all the Best Picture nominees in one day. It was a cute piece of filler, even though the mom in me immediately worried about the 13 year old watching rated R movies. What can I say?

It speaks to the extreme popularity of this prime time comedy that two of its youngest stars with relatively little silver screen experience showed up at the film industry’s biggest event. Even in the pre-show, very few television actors are invited or mentioned when there are so many movie stars to squeeze in to a fast-paced program. Being involved in the Oscars at all is a big step for these two young talents.

All I can say is that hopefully the Oscar downfall doesn’t apply to every young actor involved in the Academy Awards. I would hate for this to be the last we see of the truly adorable Rico Rodriguez.

We’ll also have to hope that Sarah Hyland moved out of dangerous territory when she hit 18. I have a feeling she’ll be a lot less concerned with what everyone’s wearing at the after parties.

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