Jessica Simpson Wants $500,000 To Admit She’s Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson is sporting a huge baby bump and yet she’s allegedly demanding half-million dollars to make the news official. Puh-leeze.

According to the New York Post, Simpson, 31,  is refusing to admit she’s pregnant until she has a magazine “deal” in place (in other words, she’s willing to give someone an exclusive in exchange for a cool $500K). Not surprisingly, it’s her creepy dad-slash-manager Joe Simpson who came with the brilliant idea. Simpson, by the way, is engaged to former NFL star Eric Johnson (the couple was slated to marry in November, but they’re holding off for now).

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Okay, really, you know we’ve reached an all-time low on the celebrity-gossip front when this offer is on the table in the first place. I mean, all you need to do is open your eyes to see a very visibly pregnant Simpson. Just this past weekend, in fact, she appeared to be showing off her bump under an unzipped jacket a tight black T-shirt.

Reports also say that Simpson will be looking for even more money in exchange for the first photos of her baby after it’s born. This isn’t all that surprising since it seems to be the norm these days. Though some celebs are more classy about it than others. Pink, for example, released personal photos of her daughter Willow Sage to People magazine back in June so that the Paparazzi wouldn’t get the first shot; she then donated all proceeds to charity. Ditto Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt back in the day. And, more recently, French first lady Carla Bruni – who last week gave birth to a baby Giulia – declared that her baby girl would not be exposed to any kind of press, period.

With regards to Jessica Simpson, I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind offering her any money for her baby-bump “news.” At this rate, it seems people would willingly dish out the dough just to make her go away.

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