Couple Returns From Movies To Find Their Babysitting Grandparents Murdered And It Just Gets Worse

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Alaska Grandparents MurderedThis is one of those stories that makes me lose all my faith in humanity and want to go hide somewhere remote like Alaska but I can’t even say that because this horrific crime took place in Alaska. A couple took their four-year-old son to the movies Saturday night and returned home to find the grandparents they had left to babysit their two-year-old daughter beaten to death and a man raping the baby. The man, Jerry Andrew Active, 24, had also raped the elderly grandmother, Sorn Sreap, 73. Both grandparents died from blunt force injuries. From the Daily Mail:

The parents of the child and their son returned shortly before 8pm and found the door locked from the inside.

They told police they forced their way in through a window and discovered the bodies of Chea and Sreap.

A man in his 20s, they said, was naked in a bedroom with their daughter.

The woman called 911 and police dispatchers heard screaming over the phone. The woman reported a man had broken into her home and killed her grandmother, Sreap. The woman described the man as naked with several tattoos.

The woman, who is pregnant, and her husband tried to keep the suspect from leaving and a struggle began, Markiewicz said. The suspect, by then wearing boxer shorts, was able to get away after a few minutes of fighting, Markiewicz said.

Officers found Active about a block away.

The mother, who is pregnant, tried to keep Active from leaving. I can’t even imagine what this was like for these poor people to come home to. It’s the worst nightmare imaginable. The report says that the couple’s 90 year old great-grandmother also lives in the apartment and was at home during the incident.
This makes me so sad because to think of all of these generations living together and you know they probably helped each other out, the younger couple helping to care for the grandparents and the grandparents babysitting their grandkids, and to have something like this happen to this poor family, I hope they can somehow heal after this.

One of the worst aspect of this case is that Active is on parole from committing an almost identical attack four year ago where he entered the home where a family was asleep, sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl, and attacked three members of that family. He was supposed to be on probation until next year.

I know freak awful evil things happen in the world but I still can’t find it any less shocking or heartbreaking.

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