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The Babies-R-Us Trade-In Event Is Here and Better Than Ever!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year if you’re in the market for some baby gear! Every year, the Babies-R-Us trade-in event gives parents a chance to score some great deals on baby and kid items, and return some of the things they’ve outgrown or move on from. You can trade-in your used baby item and get 25% off (30% if you use your BRU card) a new item of your choice. It’s such a great way for parents to get the stuff they need (these little kiddos grow so fast!) without breaking the bank. And this year, the event is bigger and better than ever!

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This year, the Babies-R-Us trade-in event kicks off on February 16, and runs through March 18. That gives you almost a full month to clean out the closets and garage for trade-in items!

If you’ve never done the trade-in, it’s pretty simple. Bring in any used baby or kid item, and trade it in for 25% off a brand new item. Lots of parents use this opportunity to score new car seats, strollers, cribs, beds, and high chairs. The list of eligible trade-in items has gotten bigger this year, giving you more ways to save! And 25% off a new car seat or toddler bed is nothing to sneeze at. Baby stuff is pricey! The best part is, the gear can be in any condition. Because you KNOW we run most of that stuff into the ground. You can also trade-in multiple items, and get a discount voucher for every item! Keep in mind, you get one voucher per used item, and can only use one voucher per new item. No stacking discounts, wily coupon people!


In previous years, the Babies-R-Us trade-in event was limited to baby gear. But this year, they’ve added clothing to the mix, and for a really good cause.

You can bring in any amount of gently used baby clothing, and you’ll get 25% off YOUR ENTIRE CLOTHING PURCHASE in store. No item for item discounts here! Babies-R-Us has partnered with several charities around the country, and will be donating the gently used clothing to families in need. So you can get rid of the bags of stuff in your garage, get a sweet discount on new clothes for your kiddos, AND help families in need. Win win!

Toys-R-Us has had a rough year, but hopefully this event will kick off 2018 in a good way for our favorite toy and baby company. So stat looking for trade-ins! You won’t want to miss this!

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