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Jessa Duggar Is Pregnant And Due On Her 1st Wedding Anniversary!

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The cat is out of the bag, Duggar fans! Jessa Duggar-Seewald is about to enter her second trimester of pregnancy and is due on her first wedding anniversary. The announcement comes on the heels of her sister Jill giving birth to first child Israel David, so I’m guessing she held out on sharing the news to not steal her thunder. Or maybe she just wanted to wait until the pee on the stick was dry, unlike Jill, who told the world pretty much immediately. Either way, Duggar bump watch continues on!

From People:

“We’re expecting!” Jessa, 22, tells PEOPLE. “We are so excited. The due date is November first, our wedding anniversary.” Adds Ben, 19, “We are looking forward to being parents.”

Jessa married Ben Seewald last November in a hot dogs and ice cream-laden ceremony, which we all witnessed on a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting. We figured she would be pregnant pretty much the next day but many fans (myself included) held out hope that she might delay it a little and wait for her husband to at least enter his 20’s. The fact that a pregnancy announcement didn’t come as quickly as it did for Jill caused many to speculate that she might even *gasp* be using birth control. Looks like our concerns and wonderings were for naught as she is following her Duggar destiny and getting her uterus it’s first work-out as soon as possible.

I’m happy for her if she’s happy. Like I always say with these girls, they don’t seem to have much choice for what to do with their lives. If having babies is all she’s been trained to want, then not being able to have them would have been devastating for her. I’m glad she’s pregnant and apparently had no trouble getting that way. I’m just sad that yet another 22-year old woman is done with being young and care-free when she basically never had a chance to be to begin with. She went from raising her siblings to now, raising her own kids. Sigh. Oh, Duggar girls. I’m always pulling for you.

(Image: Amy Duggar Instagram)