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10 Thoughts You Will Have While Staring At This Photo Of Derick And Jill Duggar-Dillard Dressed As Joseph And Mary‏

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Christmas may be over but as usual, the Duggars are the gift that keeps on giving. As a sacrifice on behalf of you all, I follow them on their social media accounts and see photos of them daily. Usually, I chuckle and move on but last night, a gem came across my feed that I simply had to share. You guys, Jill and Derick posed as Joseph and Mary. As in THE Joseph and Mary. Like, virgin mother and adoptive father of Jesus Henry Christ himself. With any other famous couple, I would pass on by but since I am clearly addicted to snarking on the Duggars and am also The Worst, I could not help myself. Not to mention, the Duggars do seem to think they are holier than thou so seeing this Joseph and Mary cosplay caused me to nearly fall out of bed. I mean, are they kidding? I know most of you will feel the same way so let me save you some time and tell you what you are thinking while you stare at this photo of Derick and Jill Duggar-Dillard posed as the Virgin Mary and Joseph:

jill and derick cosplay

(via: Duggar Family Facebook)

1. “Dafuq?”

wtf kristen wiig



2. “So…are they saying Baby Dilly is our savior?”

accurate kristen wiig


Because that would be rather presumptuous.

3. “Is Jill still a virgin?!”

no way


We all know the tale!

4. “Is this their way of saying Derick is NOT the father?”



Yes, I am going to hell. Will I be seeing any of you there?

5. “Is that a hand towel on Derick’s head?”

weird wiif


And if so, is it off their wedding registry? Inquiring minds!

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