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19 Kids And Counting: Wild Times With Josh And Anna Duggar

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It’s been a big week of Duggar Drama full of sexy Instagram kisses, barfy Instagram kisses and delicious rumors of dirty, dirty church sex. I could hardly keep up and was therefore relieved to see that tonight’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting was some good old-fashioned Duggar family fun. We get to see Josh and Anna Duggar take their (adorable) kids on a road trip and naturally, hilarity ensued. Well, TLC made sure hilarity ensued.

This episode chronicles Josh and Anna’s dumb adventures as they travel from their home in Washington, D.C. to Chicago to visit Anna’s sister, Priscilla, and her husband and son. Priscilla is pregnant (duh) so the purpose of this visit is to attend her gender reveal party. The party guests have been asked to wear the color of whatever gender they “support” so naturally, Josh is going to wear blue (because eww, girls) and Anna is planning on pink. I will never get over how procreating is like a spectator sport for these people- their lives literally revolve around sex, pregnancy and birth. No wonder Michelle is now a sad panda because she can’t get pregnant anymore– it’s like she’s been put out to pasture. What else can a woman be recognized for in this family besides her super prolific uterus?

Josh and Anna plan to travel in their 1998 RV. Josh cheerfully notes how they “buy used and save the difference” but we immediately see that this might have been the wrong time to try to save money. The RV is all manner of busted up and it quickly becomes apparent that it ain’t starting up anytime soon. Anna is worried because they’ve just replaced the batteries so it must be something else wrong. Maybe they should take all that reality show money and buy an RV that wasn’t made while I was a high school sophomore.

Anyway, some TLC-sanctioned mechanics arrived on the double (Duggar privilege) and replaced the batteries again but not much was ascertained by the quick check and they ask to take the RV back to the shop so they can run some diagnostics. Sacrebleu! Now, Anna is stuck entertaining the kids for at least another two hours while Josh putzs around being paunchy! At this point, I began to flesh out my theory that some TLC production person snuck around the night before sabotaging the RV because this episode is otherwise totally free of drama and interesting plot points.

The kids are super bummed and I’ve gotta say- Anna is a gold star mom. She is very good at wrangling them and she stays super patient. Not in that scary Valium-induced way that Michelle does- it is genuine. Girl loves her kids, gotta respect the hell out of that.

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