Kristen Bell Stopped Breastfeeding for a Day for the Funniest Reason

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One of the most fun things about breastfeeding is that it occasionally allows one to see what one would look like if one had gotten a pair of giant breast implants. Even if we never seriously wanted breast implants for ourselves, many of us have probably been vaguely curious what we would look like with them. If you have a baby and decide to breastfeed, you’ll probably get a chance to find out.

The day one’s milk comes in, it’s like suddenly waking up to find someone has split a soccer ball in half and mounted the pieces on your chest. That goes away over time as one’s body adjusts to the amount of food their baby requires, but a person’s breasts will swell right back up again if the milk isn’t removed by nursing or pumping. That’s why Kristen Bell says she took a day-long break from nursing while filming her last movie, just so she could get that “I have giant breast implants” look back for her new movie role.

Bell is starring in a movie adaptation of CHiPS, and she told Access Hollywood that she’s playing a “trophy wife,” and she wanted the character to have “an aggressive boob job.” Bell doesn’t actually have implants herself, but she’s currently nursing a baby, so she had a good way to fake it.

“I’ve got ’em, let’s use ’em,” Bell joked. “I was nursing at the time, and so I just didn’t pump for a day. And when you don’t pump when you’re breastfeeding, your boobs go … out. And then they go up,” she described, giving a little pantomime to show the process by which one’s normal breasts become Vegas breasts when the milk builds up.

The CHiPS movie is a big family project for Bell. Her husband, Dax Shepard, wrote, directed, and produced the CHiPS movie, and he’s also starring in it.

“So I just handled that skin-splitting feeling to shoot this movie. And the kids were hungry and I just said, ‘Daddy’s gotta make a movie. Everybody’s gonna to need to deal with it,'” she joked. (This part is clearly a joke. Bell’s children were fed. Taking a 18-hour break from pumping is not the end of the world.)

Bell didn’t nurse or pump for 18 hours before filming the scene in which she emerges from a pool in a very low-cut wetsuit. From the clip of the movie shared on Access Hollywood, it sure looks like Bell’s trick was effective.


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