Jeremy Meeks, Hot Mugshot Guy, Now Breaking Vows Instead of the Law

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2014 was a simpler time. Obama was President, Prince was alive, and a man’s mugshot took the world by storm. Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot, stemming from an arrest on felony weapon charges, went viral after the Stockton, CA Police Department that arrested him posted the photo on Facebook. After serving two years in jail, Meeks was released with fame and a six-figure modeling contract. Meeks is now making headlines again, this time for making out with a woman who isn’t his wife.

Jeremy Meeks, what are you doing?

Meeks, who is from California, was spotting on a jumbo yacht off the coast of Turkey, swapping spit with billionaire heiress Chloe Green. Green’s father, Sir Philip Green, owns a retail empire that includes Brit fave Topshop.

The two were on the yacht with several other people, including Meeks’ manager and professional photographer, Jim Jordan, leading some to wonder if the whole thing wasn’t an elaborate photoshoot. That hasn’t stopped some people from expressing their condolences to Meeks’ wife, Melissa.

Stoking the fire is Green, who posted a photo of herself with Meeks and Jordan with the caption, “Just the Beginning… We appreciate all the love and the hate.”

jeremy meeks and some other people

Image: Instagram / @chloegreen5

She seems nice.

Meeks and his wife, Melissa, have yet to comment on the images. Green has deleted her Instagram account, so maybe she actually doesn’t appreciate the hate.  Aw, too bad.


Melissa did post on Instagram over the weekend, a selfie of her looking like she’s having fun, but she didn’t make it seem like any of this drama was bothering her. The image, which has nearly 1000 comments is flooded with people offering their advice and letting her know that well, maybe this dude isn’t worth it at all.

“You are beautiful! Don’t take his bullshit,” one person writes. Another says, “You are too good for him, plus you’re beautiful compared to that British cunt!!! You….are…… gorgeous!! ? Sending love and hugs to you sweetheart.”