This Lies I’ve Told My Parents Hashtag on Twitter Is Hilarious and 100% On Point

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I’m not one of those parents who thinks their kids will never lie to them. I fully expect my girls to lie to me about stupid stuff. Like when I caught my youngest with orange-dusted hands and she said told me she had no idea who ate the entire bag of Cheetos. They’re kids, white lies and fibs are going to happen! And when I was young, I did the same thing. “No mom, I don’t have homework this weekend!” Cue me staying up until 3 a.m. on Sunday night to finish the homework I “didn’t” have so I could go to the party on Saturday. We’ve all done it, and our kids are going to do it, too. So take a few minutes to peruse the Lies I’ve Told My Parents hashtag on Twitter, and file them away for later.

Kids will lie, yes. But we will catch them.

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The lies I’ve told my parents hashtag is hilarious. I definitely used quite a few of them myself. And wish I’d thought of some of the others, they’re genius.

I absolutely fell for this lie very recently. You know what kids love? Puppies. You know what kids don’t love? Puppy shit.


“Books”. Or vodka, whatever.

It’s sort of amazing that so many parents fell for this one. Burns have scabs! I will be feeling any and all “burns” my kids try to lie about.

LOL, classic. Social media has rendered this lie difficult to use now, but man it was good while it lasted.


“I don’t know why all of my classmates got theirs already, maybe mine’s taking longer because it’s so good.”

Ok, my kids ABSOLUTELY use this lie on me. Caught one of those little turds in it after I say that the headphone jack wasn’t even plugged into the iPad.

Basically, you’ve gotta assume your kids aren’t always going to tell you the truth. If you’re ready for their whoppers, you can catch them. And let’s be honest, catching them in a lie is a lot more fun than hearing the truth anyway.

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