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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy, Answered

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Why do I feel so tired all the time?

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Feeling knackered takes on a whole new meaning when you’re pregnant — never mind when you actually have the baby. If you thought you were tired before, you might find that you’ve reached new levels of exhaustion while preggers. What to Expect reveals that fatigue/tiredness/drowsiness/mom brain is a common symptom many women experience in the first trimester of pregnancy. The reason is the body is undergoing some serious prep work to get ready for baby. It’s building the placenta. Additionally, you’re getting used to carrying some new weight around. The good news is that the tiredness normally goes away in the second trimester. But, it can start up again in the third. Experiencing severe systems that aren’t going away? Speak to your doctor because anemia (iron deficiency) could be a problem. And remember that eating well and often and practicing self-care can help.

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