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Picking The Perfect Month To Get Pregnant

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If you are thinking about getting pregnant, some of the things to consider are what time of the year you want to be pregnant and when your baby’s birthday will be. 40 weeks is a long time to have a bun in the oven, so you might as well do what you can to make it as enjoyable as possible. Here’s a handy guide to help you pick the perfect month to get pregnant.

If you get pregnant in January the baby will be born in October.

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Parents will ask you to make sugar free treats for your kid’s birthday party to counteract all the Halloween sugar. Even if you did have the time to do a bunch of specialty baking, sugar free cake is just sad.

If you get pregnant in February the baby will be born in November.

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Holidays are hectic enough without having a newborn thrown into the mix.

If you get pregnant in March the baby will be born in December.

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Being pregnant during the holidays can be fun, but as a December baby myself, I beg you not to do this to your future child. You kid will be shafted on birthday gifts, forever overshadowed by the big guy in a red suit.

If you get pregnant in April the baby will be born in January.

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Besides going stir-crazy from being stuck inside, having a newborn during the height of cold and flu season will give you Howard Hughes levels of paranoia over germs.

If you get pregnant in May the baby will be born in February.

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Stupid jokes from everyone about Valentine’s Day babies that make no sense since the sex happened way back in May. No thanks.

If you get pregnant in June the baby will be born in March.


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Nothing happens in March. It’s a pointless, boring month and you don’t want a dull baby.

If you get pregnant in July the baby will be born in April.

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Spring break is great, except when all the cool kids are too busy to come to your child’s birthday party.

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