Belly Masks Are Here to Help With Stretch Marks and That Dreaded Itchy Phase During Pregnancy

So, a little confession that may make everyone hate me: I didn’t get stretch marks during either of my pregnancies. Not a single one on my belly. I already had some on my hips and boobs (thanks, puberty!), but my stomach was mercifully spared. BUT! I did have the wooooooorst itchy skin. If I could have, I would have gladly ripped my skin completely off to make it stop. And no lotion or gel or oil helped one goddamn bit. I would have tried anything, including these new belly masks. Let’s be honest: desperate times call for desperate measures. And the last trimester is desperate times, indeed.

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These new belly masks by HATCH Collection promise to help minimize stretch marks, reduce inflamed scar tissue, and soothe skin. Just send a basket of these to every pregnant woman you know.

The masks are similar to those super popular face masks everyone is using nowadays. You know the ones, they make you look like Buffalo Bill as you hunt down the Fountain of Youth. The hydrating sheet mask is all-natural and uses aloe and propolis (a mixture produced by honey bees using saliva and beeswax) to soothe and heal.

Plus, they’re adorable. I’ll be honest, the sheet masks you wear on your face freak me out. But look at these!

To use, remove the mask from the pouch and apply to clean, dry skin. There’s a little hole for your belly button (smart!), so line it up and just smooth the rest of the mask out over your belly. Then sit down, put your feet up, and let the sheet mask do its thing! The instructions say not to rinse when you’re done. And, as with any new product, it’s a good idea to do a quick patch test to make sure the ingredients won’t irritate your already irritated skin.

Who knows if it’ll work? Lots of products promise relief or results, and fail to deliver. But it’s certainly worth a shot. You can purchase the belly masks directly from HATCH Collection. Happy masking!

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