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Mom Shares Hilarious Yet Mortifying Story of Farting During Yoga Class

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As someone who attends yoga class regularly, I sometimes forget how difficult it can be for some folks to begin their own practice. Yoga can be somewhat intimidating to newbies. The svelte bodies bending and twisting in seemingly unnatural ways. The tight clothing that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The lengthy silences that can seem deafening, especially when you’re feeling a bit, well…gassy. What those new to the practice don’t realize is we’ve all been there—though most of us don’t write about it. Recently, though, one mom decided to share her story of farting during yoga class—and it’s got plenty of folks beside themselves with laughter and empathy.

Laura Mazza, an Australian mom and blogger at Mum on the Run, has been recovering from a condition known as diastasis recti. It’s basically when your abdominal muscles separate (usually after pregnancy), leaving your abs fairly weak. Mazza’s doctor suggested that she start practicing yoga as a way to help remedy her abdominal issues, so she decided to try it out—although a bit reluctantly.

Here’s What Happened Next

Mazza goes on to talk about how the class was all candlelit (“Just a slight fire risk you guys”), and her fears about others judging her feet and somewhat hairy legs (“Everyone’s taking off their socks and I’m thinking oh lord, my toes are hairy and I didn’t shave them, I only dry shaved my ankles in case my pants ride up.”) Hey Mazza, it’s cool. We’ve all been there.

Still, it seems class started off OK enough (“We started doing these random positions, moving into the upward facing dog and I feel a nice crack in my back, thinking i can do this…I totally love yoga. I am a yoga girl!!”), until…they don’t.

“We move into the downward facing dog… and that’s when I started to feel my guts.

Now for the past few weeks I have had IBS Symptoms like something crazy. My farts stink like something mixed between a rotten egg and an incineration plant.

And somewhere between the dolphin position and the three legged dog two of those burning garbage eggs slip out and I fart. ”

And….it gets worse. Read for yourself:

Ouch. Yeah, OK, that’s pretty awful.

But Is Farting in Yoga Class Really That Bad?

Truthfully? No. I’m pretty sure just about every yogi, from newbs to pros, have all farted at least once in class. I’ve heard wind breaking in class before, but for the most part, everyone just ignores it and continues to practice. That said, there’s something to be said about general class etiquette. If you know you just had a bunch of beans or something and you’re going to be particularly gassy, skip class that day. No harm in that, and your fellow yogis will appreciate it (plus you can always practice at home).

But to all the mamas reading this out there thinking, “Oh god, I could never go to yoga now!” Maybe try not to dismiss it. Yoga is a totally amazing way to get your body fit and flexible, and it also has a proven positive effect on your mental and physical health. Both of those things are essential for any new mom, from ones suffering from postpartum depression to those who just want to be able to carry their toddlers on their backs for as long as possible.

(Image: Facebook / Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run)