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This Mom Has Found a Way to Make $5,000 a Month by Selling Sexy Selfies Online

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Lots of stay-at-home moms struggle with finding a way to contribute to their household income. One mom has found a way to earn $5,000 a month, and it’s not by selling leggings, bags, or makeup: she sells her sexy selfies to strangers on the internet.

In November 2016, mom Summers VanHeese discovered that showing more skin on her Instagram page got her a lot of attention. As her follower count rose, she searched for a way to monetize her images. After doing some research, she came across the site Patreon, where creators can sell memberships in exchange for access to their work.

VanHeese says she hasn’t had a “real job” since her wedding eight years ago. “I’ve been a stay at home military wife and mom for the better part of a decade,” she wrote on Patreon site. “This was a good and right choice for my family but it limited my income greatly and ability to do a lot of things I’ve wanted to do in life.”

Yes, she makes a whole lot of money by selling sexy selfies online.

Fans of VanHeese pay between $5 and $50 a month to see a variety of different images and videos created by the Nevada-based mother of two. Some are snaps of her in lingerie, and others are photos of her nude. The more you pay, the more you see.

The images Summers posts on Instagram and Patreon may be risque, but her captions are all about body positivity. After struggling with her body image, VanHeese began following body-positive Instagrammers. As she read through the nice comments those women received, something in her changed. “I was reading through the comments and saw how men were telling them how beautiful they were,” she told Yahoo Beauty. “I began to believe that what my husband had been telling me all along was true.”

She continues, “I was always putting myself down, my husband kept telling me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, but I didn’t believe him.”

VanHeese’s husband is supportive of her endeavor, and is usually the person behind the camera. She told Yahoo! that he’s proud to have such a beautiful wife.

Summers says that they “don’t really need the money,” and wants to pay it forward. “Most important to me is to do some good with anything good that comes my way. It is my dream to set up a horse rescue, first and foremost,” she wrote on her Patreon site. “This was little more than a crazy idea that would never happen a year ago. But with y’alls support it is going to become a reality.”

She also told Yahoo! that she wouldn’t mind if her children eventually sold their own sexy selfies. “I think that the human body is a beautiful thing, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I want them to love their bodies, and if they wanna profit from sharing images, then I would be fine with that.”

(Image: Instagram / @socalsummers)