16 Interesting Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

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mom and newborn

Image: iStock / Lakshmi3

Ever consider all the interesting habits babies inherit from their mothers? Yes, they see and emulate everything we do so we have to be careful. When children are young their brains are like sponges and the habits they see us doing can more easily become ingrained in their little minds. It really is a monkey see, monkey do kind of situation.

But there are two parts to developing habits which are learned behaviors and personality traits which are inherent; nature and nurture. Some habits we are predisposed to have and others are nurtured so you can’t blame mom and dad for every bad habit you have.

What determines if you are going to pick up your parents’ habits depends on your experience and your temperament. Experience is what you’ve learned from interacting with the world and this helps you develop how you feel, think, behave and react to the world.

Your temperament, however, is what you are born with. Your temperament affects how you experience the world; your intensity, sensitivity and your overall internal mood.

We absorb habits based on both. Sometimes our temperament makes us more likely to pick up certain habits of moms.

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