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A Woman Lost Her Mind When Her Friend Named His Baby ‘Tinkerbell’

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In this day and age, “unusual” baby names are so common that most of us barely raise an eyebrow when we encounter a little Kombucha or Pretzel. So when a woman lost her mind on over the Disney baby name her friend gave his daughter, I thought, “How bad could it be?” Turns out, he named his daughter “Tinkerbell.” Unsurprisingly, the internet has a LOT of thoughts about this.

Mumsnet user liverbird10 posted in the “Am I Being Unreasonable” thread, wondering if her reaction to her friend’s Disney baby name was foolish.

“I want to shoot my friend…for naming his daughter Tinkerbell.”

Liverbird10 writes, “I know I am actually being unreasonable as it’s none of my business etc. Also shooting people is generally not the way to approach such matters. I feel so sorry for the poor kid. She’s going to go through torture at school. Not to mention the rest of her life. Imagine a high court judge called Tinkerbell.”

At least she realizes her reaction is, in fact, unreasonable.

However, the majority of Mumsnet users agreed with her.


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