10 Ways Daylight Saving Time Is Going To Ruin Your Life This Weekend

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Twice a year, most of us in North America and Europe tamper with our clocks. Each time, as I recall the chaos that ensues with the changing of the clocks, I’m filled with a simmering anticipatory fury, and a fuzzy, slightly confused brain after the fact. What began as a German energy-saving scheme during World War I still haunts us today.

Here are the 10 reasons behind my loathing of the dreaded Daylight Saving Time.

1. Stupid Name.
The title itself, Daylight Saving Time, is a big, fat lie. Besides the fact that most people say Daylight Savings Time, which is incorrect, we’re not actually saving daylight. We’re just shifting it around. Let’s call it what it is: Daylight Manipulation Time. Or, perhaps more accurately, Dicking-up Sleepy Time.

2. It’s Creepy.

For some reason, the idea of an hour being either bestowed or stolen beneath the navy veil of night troubles me. Particularly when the time change begins, I can’t help but envision an evil witch cackling as she snatches away that extra hour of holy sleep.

3. Bedtime Mayhem.
If this was the only reason to despite Daylight Saving Time, it’d be enough. Most parents of small children shudder at the thought of tweaking with their children’s bedtimes. Adding or subtracting an entire hour makes an unpleasant task even more heinous. If I try to prepare ahead of time, slowly adjusting my kids to the new schedule, it’s too damned hard. Because math. While proficient in basic arithmetic, there’s something about calculating what a lost or extra hour will mean that makes my brain dazed and sad.

4. Early to Rise.
Similarly, that extra hour continues to haunt parents in the morning. My son will likely be rising around 4:30 come Sunday morning, shortly after which he will cheerfully awaken me by prying my eyelids open. Things will get even worse when I stumble downstairs, only to realize I forgot to set the time back an hour on my coffeemaker.

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