All The Kate Middleton Outfits That Showcase Royal Fashion At New Heights

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kate middleton fashion

Images: WENN

We know that much of the focus has been on Meghan Markle as of late. And for good reason! After all, she just delivered a royal baby, and Archie is cute as a button. Plus, she was the newest royal to join the family, and people get excited about new people, right? Meghan is so much different than what we’ve come to expect from the royal family, so it’s hard not to keep an eye on her. But we have to take a moment and pay homage to our OG Duchess, Kate Middleton. She’s got this royal life down to a science, and Kate never suffers a misstep. It’s actually pretty impressive when you think about it.

One of the things we’ve noticed about Kate Middleton in recent years is how much her fashion and sense of style has evolved. Which makes sense! Our style changes as we get older, plus she’s a busy mom of three now. However, even as Kate’s style changes, it just gets better and better. She knows her strengths and she plays to them! We love how she can go from a fancy gown to jeans and sweater and still look like a million bucks. Let’s take a look at some of Kate’s best fashion moments!

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