Bizarre Strict Beauty Rules That Women In The Royal Family Must Follow

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Image: John Rainford / WENN

You know, being a Queen or a Princess isn’t exactly like the Disney movies make it seem! Sure, there are some bright spots (hello, tiaras on demand!). You get to live in a castle, or at least a very nice quasi-castle. There are parties and events and you get your very own royal title. But along with all of that, there are some pretty strict rules involved with becoming a royal. Obviously, you can’t just stroll down to the corner Starbucks for an espresso. You have to demonstrate impeccable manners. They probably frown upon cussing and rolling your eyes at idiots – at least in public. Also, as it turns out, there are some pretty bizarre royal beauty rules that royal ladies have to follow.

A lot of people dream of having a endless supply of the finest clothes and jewels to choose from everyday. But what fun is that if you can’t actually have fun with it?! The women in the royal family are bound by certain rules when it comes to how they dress, accessorize, and even how they wear their makeup. These bizarre royal beauty rules have been passed down for generations. We suppose if they’re good enough for the Queen, they’re good enough for everyone else. But some of these rules are strange and downright archaic!

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