25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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(Image: Saved by the Bell)

For those of us who lived through the 1990s, it’s pretty sobering to realize that just about everyone under the age of twenty has very little idea what it was all about. In fact, to most young people, the ‘90s and their flannel shirts are as inscrutable as the ‘60s and tie-dye clothes or the roaring ‘20s and their top hats! But you know what? That’s their loss. Because for those of us who were there, we will never forget it — especially the popular products we all had. 90s products are those that defined an entire generation. We all dressed the same, talked the same, and had the same stuff. They were light on technology but high on … OK, so they didn’t have much going for them in comparison to what our kids have now. But back then? They were the epitome of cool.

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show from the 90s with your kids? Reminisced about your Walkman or those fly as hell LA Gear sneaks? Did your kid look at you like you had two heads? Welcome to the club, friends. The 90s products we all loved as kids can’t really hold a candle to iPads and robot dogs. But there’s something to be said for simplicity, right? Simplicity and hideous colors. The 90s were an … an interesting time, and if you were anyone back in the day, you had most of what’s on this list. So, fellow ‘90s folks, enjoy this walk down memory lane, and be sure to count how many of these 90s products you remember!

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