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Mom’s Mouse in the House Tale Has the Internet Cry-Laughing

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There comes a point in every mom’s life where she has to do something unthinkable. A mom reckoning, if you will. For some, it may the first time you catch vomit in your bare hands. For others, it might have to do with poop (on the walls, perhaps?). For one mom, the moment came last week, in the form of a mouse. Laura Mazza, known as Mum on the Run on her blog, spun the rodent yarn on her Facebook page. And let’s just say, Laura and little Mickey had us all in stitches from laughter.

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The “tail” began when Laura opened the door to her son’s room, and saw a mouse near her son’s dresser. She did what any of us would: she almost passed out, screamed at her toddler to stay out, and slammed the door.

She makes the completely rational decision to call her husband to come home and deal with it. Because according to Laura, her options were call him or burn the house down. Obviously.

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