Jill Duggar Is Showing Some Leg In Her Latest Instagram Photo

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jill duggar

Image: Instagram/@jillmdillard

Having followed the Duggar family for a while, we’ve come to expect certain behavior from them. They’re always going to get married really young. Usually after a very short “courtship” between two virtual strangers. Almost 10 months to the day after the wedding, there’ll be a baby. And then there will be many babies after that in quick succession. They’re modest, with the women dressing in long skirts or dresses. And for whatever reason, they don’t cut their hair. That’s the Duggar model! So whenever one of them goes against the grain, even in a small way, people take notice. They do when cousin Amy expresses her more “liberal” views. And the Duggar rumor mill went into overdrive when Jinger and husband Jeremy waited over a year before starting a family. But now, it’s Jill Duggar who has tongues wagging.

We’re more used to seeing Jill’s husband Derick in the news for being a pretty gross person. And Jill Duggar will usually stick up for her man, so we’re used to that, too. But she’s always seemed like the stalwart Duggar girl, following closely to the family motto. However, she definitely seems to be enjoying a bit of a rebellion lately. She’s got a nose ring! She wears jeans! And now, she’s showing her leg below the knee. It’s all madness!

Jill Duggar turned heads with a photo she posted on Instagram, showing a bit more Duggar skin than we’re accustomed to seeing.


It’s a very cute photo! Derick’s presence, notwithstanding. Jill Duggar shared the seemingly innocuous picture to pay tribute to our veterans on Veteran’s Day. But it wasn’t the caption or the patriotic background that caught people’s attention. It was the fact that YOU CAN SEE HER KNEES YOU GUYS. Duggars have knees! Who knew?!

The comments on the photo are an absolute mess of differing political opinions. But scattered among the serious comments are the occasional, “OMG Jill, your dress is so short!” Or our favorite, “Loving the stripper heels!” People are absolutely bonkers.

So now that Jill Duggar rocks a nose piercing and shows her knees, what’s next?!

Honestly? Probably nothing. These little acts of rebellion are likely just her way of expressing her personality, not an indictment against the oppressive patriarchy in which she was raised. Still, it’s nice to see! Just little bits of “her” sneaking in here and there, instead of just another mini-Michelle. It’s a start, at least? Plus the piercing is really cute