18 Funniest Vasectomy Cakes

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Everybody already knows pregnancy and a new baby is an occasion that warrants a party, balloons, presents and of course, a cake. But what about a party for the opposite occasion, for never having a baby again? It might sound strange at first, but it’s becoming a growing trend among parents: People are making cakes celebrating a vasectomy, the most extreme form of family planning. When you think about it, it makes sense. Families who already have young children running around might not have the energy (or the financial means) for any new additions. So a vasectomy might represent freedom and relief from worry about any, ahem, accidents. Vasectomy cakes have become the centerpiece of these celebrations.

These adults-only party favors are the ultimate way to say congratulations and “thank you for undergoing this invasive procedure so that your wife can’t get pregnant again (or ever)”. Yes, these vasectomy cakes are explicit and might even make the more timid among us squirm, but all of them are funny. After all, while most people are busy throwing massive bashes to welcome their little ones, these couples are trying to make light of the fact that there will be no more baby joy for them and that’s a good thing. And while sperm might not strike you as the most appetizing cake decoration, these vasectomy cakes pull it off. Here are some of weirdest, most hilarious vasectomy cakes we could find on the internet.

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