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I’m Totally Confused By This Reddit Gender Reveal Idea

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Gender reveals can be so freakin’ adorable, and such is the case with this cute couple who posted this to Reddit where they said:

My wife and I wanted to be surprised as we found out the gender of our first child. So we had out photographers set up a shoot and here’s how it turned out!



Now, I’m going to assume, I THINK?!?, that this means they wanted the gender of their baby to be a secret? Reddit stop confusing me! It’s so funny because it’s like my brain just can’t compute this, or as my co-writer Carrie Murphy said:

society is so linked to pink for girls and blue for boys that we can’t process it when someone says they’re having a purple.

Am I the only person not completely getting this or did any of you have the same reaction? I keep sort of anting to hope this means they are planning on giving birth to Grimace or something.


I love gender reveals, but I never had one with any of my kids, other than calling people and telling them what I was having. Because back when I was birthin’ babies no one was all cute and doing these adorable photo shoots like parents do these days. It sort of makes me want to do a do-over and go back in time and have one of those cakes that are either all pink or all blue on the inside.

(Image: Betty Crocker)

(Image: Betty Crocker)

Ugh, it’s all just so cute and totally beats my boring phone calls. Congrats to the couple in the photograph who are planning on having a purple!

(Image: reddit)