These Are The Most Hilariously Crappy Wedding Cakes Of All Time

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There’s so much that goes into planning the wedding of your dreams. And the great thing about weddings is everyone’s dream wedding will be different! Small and intimate or huge blowout, if it’s what you want, it’s perfect. But seriously, the planning can get crazy. There’s the guest list, the venue, the flowers. You need to pick a dress, makeup, shoes, and hair. Couples spend hours coming up with the perfect first dance song, plus a song list for the actual party. Then you have to pick food and decor and so many other things! But let’s get real for a second: the star of any wedding is going to be the cake. Your cake needs to be pretty, and it needs to taste good. And it needs to not be one of these crappy wedding cakes.

It’s a sad fact of wedding planning: you can do your due diligence, but somewhere along the line someone is going to screw up somehow. Maybe your dress isn’t ready in time, or the DJ forgets to bring your first dance song. Maybe the caterer forgets you have 20 guests who don’t eat meat and only prepares chicken or fish. It could rain, all over your outdoor wedding! Things go wrong, unfortunately. But few things go wrong as hilariously as cake fails. Crappy wedding cakes are definitely one of those wedding disasters that are easier to laugh at than, say, your mom getting drunk and passing out at the reception. We’ve found some of the funniest crappy wedding cakes around, and hooboy are they bad.

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