Where Are They Now?: The Cast From ‘Family Matters’

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family matters

Image: ABC

The ’90s were essentially all about family-oriented shows that make you feel like home, and Family Matters was one of those endearing shows. The middle-class, Cosby-esque sitcom celebrated the African American family, and reinforced the modern-day issues they often face. Family Matters tackled hard issues like racism, peer pressure, gang violence, and even politics – while promoting  the importance of unity among Black families and of course, family values.

Whenever things got too serious, we’d see the inevitable interruption and arrival of their uber-nerd neighbor, Steve Urkell. Once audiences got past seeing Steve as the annoying neighbor,  they truly enjoyed his humor and began to look forward to seeing him on the show. Family Matters, for all intents and purposes, essentially became the Urkel show. His comedic timing was always center-stage and often the other actors (though talented in their own right) would find themselves reacting and playing off his lines rather than holding any scenes of their own.

The show ran from 1989-1998, and the family evolved over the years, with cast members leaving the show or passing untimely.  Family Matters will always be well-known for the wonderful chemistry the cast members share, and their ability to bring a close-knit African-American family to the screen.

Let’s take a look at where they are now…

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