Ever Wonder What The Royal Family’s Christmas Decorations Are Like?

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royal family christmas decorations

Image: Twitter/@RoyalFamily

The Royals – they’re just like us! LOL, actually no, no they are not. While it might be fun to imagine having something in common with the Royal Family, for most of us the similarities end at the fact that we’re all human. But for all the pomp and circumstance of the Royal Family, they do still have a few fairly normal habits. Take, for example, the fact that they decorate Buckingham Palace for Christmas. It tickles us to no end that they deck the halls of that big ol’ palace. We wonder if the Queen hand picks the decorations? Or more likely, they’re all precious heirlooms worth more than our house. But if you’ve ever wondered about the Royal Family Christmas decorations, wonder no more – we’ve got a sneak peek!

The Royal Family Christmas decorations went up in early, December, and the official Twitter account of the family shared a video of the process.

And it is a PROCESS. That palace is enormous, and we can’t imagine they decorate the entire thing. But they did give us pleebs a peek at how the staff transforms Marble Hall for the holidays. There are gorgeous trees, twinkling lights of course, and the cutest royal-themed ornaments we’ve ever seen. We aren’t royalty in any sense of the word, but we would love to get our hands on some of these tree ornaments.

The Royal Family Christmas decorations include little crown ornaments all over the trees.

royal family christmas decorations

Image: Twitter/@TheRoyalFamily

In all honesty, that one little crown probably cost more than all of our Christmas decorations combined. And look at this little guy!

royal family christmas decorations

Image: Twitter/@TheRoyalFamily

It’s to help you remember that you’re standing in an actual palace, in case you’d forgotten. All joking aside, the ornaments are gorgeous, and the detailing on each one is exquisite.

In addition to the trees, the Royal Family Christmas decorations include a beautiful garland that adorns a sweeping staircase.

royal family christmas decorations

Image: Twitter/@TheRoyal Family

We love it all so much. And we love all the pops of color on the garland! No idea if the kids spend Christmas morning at the palace, but if they do, we’re sure they get a kick out of the colorful balls on the garland. It must be so weird to be a Royal kid (although they know no different). While we’re sitting around in our pajamas on Christmas morning, covered in piles of wrapping paper, these kids are walking around a damn palace, probably dressed to the nines.

We loved getting a little glimpse of the Royal Family Christmas decorations! It’s these little bits of semi-normalcy that make it easier for us peasants to find common ground with actual royalty.