Kristen Bell Asks Random Kids the Hard Questions in Hilarious ‘Momsplaining’ Video

Kids really do say the darndest things, don’t they? They’re so … honest. And at the most inconvenient times! Kristen Bell did a segment for The Ellen Show called “Momsplaining”, where she interviewed random kids. And these kids did not disappoint. The best part? Their moms were watching behind a one-way mirror as their kids called them out on national television. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Kristen Bell has done “Momsplaining” for The Ellen Show before, and this was the third episode. It was appropriately titled “Kidsplaining.”

kristen bell
Image: YouTube/TheEllenShow

In this episode, Kristen sat down to talk to four adorable kids and they covered quite a few topics. But before they got down to business, Kristen introduced them to the wonders of the fart machine (thanks, Kristen!). You’re never too young to learn that he who smelt it, dealt it.

Kristen asked the kids if their moms ever talked to them about the birds and the bees, and one kid said when the baby was inside a tummy, it looked like laundry. Accurate.

But the best part came when Kristen asked the kids if their moms drank wine. Remember, all the moms are watching this unfold behind the one-way mirror, and I can imagine the cold terror that gripped their chests when THAT question came up.

kristen bell
Image: YouTube/TheEllenShow

For the record, ALL the kids answered in the affirmative to that particular question. One girl, Maya, said her mom did nothing but drink wine for an entire hour. And then she shared that the next day, when it was time to wake up, she didn’t wake up. To which James, whose mom drinks wine “all the time”, replied, “My mom does that all the time.”

“That’s called a hangover.”

The entire video is absolutely adorable, and you need to watch it for yourself. And remember, your kids will lay your shit out for the world to see without a single fuck given. Being a mom is awesome.

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(Image: YouTube/TheEllenShow)

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