16 Photos Of Prince William And Kate Middleton Looking So In Love

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Prince William Kate Middleton

Image: Euan Cherry/WENN

It feels like forever ago that we first met Kate Middleton, the woman who would eventually marry Prince William and become the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for nearly 8 years. In that time, they’ve become parents thrice over, and have sort of set the bar for royal couples. And that bar has been set pretty high! Wills and Kate are like an old married couple now, settled into a place of comfort and familiarity. As the next in line for the throne, William’s royal duties take center stage. After all, he’ll be the King of England at some point, so he has a lot of royal diplomacy to practice! But even under that kind of pressure, Kate and Wills remain solid.

Harry and Meghan have dominated the news of late, with an engagement, wedding, and pregnancy in about a year and a half. In that time, Prince William and Kate Middleton have stayed constant, a comforting sight in the chaos. They’ve had their own news, too. The couple welcomed baby Louis last spring, and are not navigating life as busy (and royal) parents of three. The couples lives similar lives, but live them very differently. Where Meghan and Harry are all lovey-dovey, Kate and Wills are more reserved. But even though they’re not the royal couple we’ll catch stealing a kiss, you can still feel the love between them. These pictures of Kate and William show how they’ve grown as a couple. They also show just how much these two seem to dig each other. We love all the royal couples, but Wills and Kate will always be our OG fav.

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