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Horrible Parenting Advice From Disney Characters

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We talk a lot here on Mommyish about Disney princesses, animated films and the messages these movies send to our kids. But if you look past the pretty ballgowns and lovable talking animals, you see there’s a category of Disney character that doesn’t get much attention– the parental figure. We know the life lessons impressed upon us by the heroes and heroines in Disney films, but the parents in these movies have advice to impart as well. It’s just that it’s the most awful parenting advice ever. When something goes wrong in a Disney movie, it’s usually the parents’ fault.

Beauty and the Beast


Don’t let your eleven year old answer the door by himself or else he will be cursed by an evil witch for acting like a typical bratty tween. If your child suffers from a rare physical abnormality, the proper response is to abandon him to be raised by people you hire, thus impairing his ability to trust and love anyone.

The Lion King


Trust your uncle. Even if he’s lazy and associates with unsavory characters, family is family.



Ignore all advice given to you by the closest approximation you have to a professional therapist (i.e a rock troll). If your child is unique, teach her to bottle up her emotions and try to blend in at all costs. Conformity is more important than happiness.


evil stepmom(via)

Blood relations are only one that matters. Step-kids are just free child labor.

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