A Timeline Of Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton’s Relationship

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Image: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com

Watching Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton become a couple is like watching a romantic comedy trope. The optimistic, upbeat, manic pixie dream girl warms the heart of the average Joe. It is amazing to see how complete opposites can make such a great pair. But there is more to this couple than meets the eye. Both Gwen and Blake go through a divorce around the same time (around the summer of 2015) and they bond by helping with each other through the tough time. If you believe in the concept of soulmates, they just might be the dictionary definition of the term.

When they first became official in November 2015, many critics felt like they would not last. After all, they have both just come out of a divorce. Even Blake Shelton states that both of them thought that their relationship would have been a ‘rebound’ instead of a full-blown relationship. Now Blake and Gwen are together for over three years and their relationship continues to become stronger and cuter than ever. In fact, we are waiting for a marriage proposal! Read more to find out about the course of their relationship and how Gwen and Blake beat the odds.

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