Netflix’s New Horror Movie ‘Veronica’ Is Freaking People Out

I’ll be perfectly honest: I don’t get horror movies. Why the hell would I want to be scared? It makes no damn sense. I do not watch them, I can’t even watch the trailers, so it goes without saying that this is one movie I will NOT be adding to my Netflix queue. The horror film Veronica debuted on Netflix this month, and people are not ok.

The movie Veronica is said to be based on a true story. It involves teenagers, Ouija boards, dead dads, and some pretty freaky shit.

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Veronica tells the story of a teen girl who uses a Ouija board to contact her dead dad. Mistake number one! Shortly after the seance, she begins having demonic experiences. She also has to protect her younger siblings from an “evil force” in their home. So, to recap: it’s a scary movie about dead spirits and young kids. That’s … that’s a hard pass for me.

The movie currently has a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is no small feat! Those people loooooove their horror movies.

What makes this particular movie so fucking scary is that it’s said to be based on a true story. According to several reports, the movie tells the story of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro from Madrid. In 1990, Estefania used a Ouija board to contact the spirit of her friend’s boyfriend, who had recently died in a motorbike accident. A teacher interrupted the seance, but her friends reported seeing smoke coming out of her mouth and nose. Over the next six months, Estefania suffered seizures and hallucinations. Months later, she was found dead in her room. No cause of death could be determined. After her death, her parents experienced supernatural occurrences in the house, like shit moving around and mysterious whispering. It all stopped once they moved.

Even knowing ALL OF THAT, people watched the movie. And they had regrets.

So, if you happen to like being scared out of your mind, this might be the movie for you. No judgement! You do you. I, on the other hand, will be rewatching Trolls and pretending this stupid movie isn’t plastered across the top of my screen every time I open the fucking app.

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