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All Moms Are Yoga Masters, Even If They Don’t Know It

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If you’re a mom you’re probably engaged in the constant struggle between learning to love your body and trying to find time to workout. But we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Just because we don’t actually roll out a mat or slap on a sports bra doesn’t mean we aren’t getting our fitness on. After all, there’s a reason the yoga pant is the unofficial uniform of SAH and weekend/after work hours of mothers everywhere. All moms are actually master level yogis in disguise, we just don’t go around bragging about it.

1. Child’s Pose

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Also called Balasana in more expensive yoga studios or anywhere in LA, this pose is designed as a relaxation pose. Chances are you do it at least once a day- every time you find yourself peering under the bed looking for a missing sneaker. So next time you find yourself pawing blindly through Legos, stale crackers and whatever the hell that fuzzy thing is in search of Barbie’s missing shoe, take a second to draw a big breathe in and enjoy the moment.

2. Warrior Two

warrior 2 meme

Yoga experts call this one Virabhadrasana II, to which I say, “Bless you” while offering them a tissue. Designed to invoke the spirit of the fighter, this pose tones your legs, arms and back. I know this, because I do this pose every time I’m in checkout lane at the store and one of my kids is trying to drag me over to a display of cookies, while I hang on to the cart so we don’t lose our place in line.

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