42 Pictures That’ll Either Make Married People Laugh Or Cry Or Both

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We are gathered here to today to talk about marriage. The ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. Marriage, in and of itself is a beautiful thing. Two people coming together, ready to share the rest of their lives with one another. Its a commitment to love, cherish and always take care of your spouse. After first getting married, you and your partner enter the “honeymoon” phase of your marriage. You’re newlyweds! Everything is beautiful. Perhaps you even both are ready to start a family! The thing about marriage, though, is that just like the waves on a beach, it ebbs and flows.

You’re going to have highs and you are going to have low moments. It’s all part of marriage. That butterflies in the stomach feeling you both felt when you first got married, it comes and goes. Instead, it is replaced by a sort of contentment and a deeper love for each other. One that grows more and more over time. It’s all about taking in the little things you both do for each other. Over the years you grow closer, and your love for one another deepens. Marriage can also have its really funny moments, too. You’ll have moments where both of you will burst out laughing until there are tears in your eyes. We’ve found some of the most hilarious pictures about marriage that you can totally relate to!

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